Jack Garrett - Cinematographer/Lighting Technician

Contact: (508) 901-1339 / jgarrett79@gmail.com
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Quasar Science 2' 6 bank crossfade
Quasar Science 4' single crossfade (x2)
Kino Flo 4' single x2 and 15" single x1
Litemat 1
Literibbon Hybrid panel and strips
Century 2000w fresnel
Desisti 1000w fresnel (switchable to 150W Daylight LED)
Desisti Magis 300/650w fresnel x2
LTM Pepper 100W/200W fresnel x3
Source Four 575w and 750w Leko with 19 and 36 degree barrels
300W par56 fixtures x3 (2 wide flood 1 spot)
Chinese Lantern style lights in 12" and 18"
8 SCR plus 4 12v channel DMX dimmer control system with Luminair
Various practical bulbs, gels, diffusion, and stingers
Honda EU2000i 2000w generator


40" C-stand x3, 20" C-stand x1, 2-riser Combo x2
lightweight baby stand x3
8x8 frame with silent light grid, 1/4 grid, full silk, ultrabounce, bleached and unbleached muslin
4x4 frame x2 with silent light grid, 1/4 grid, half soft frost, bleached and unbleached muslin and floppy
2x3 flag kit (solid x2, single and double net and silk)
Matthews Autopole x2
cardellini x2, mafer x3, 4" grip head x2, 2.5" grip head x4, C-clamp x1, scissor clamp x3, kino clamp, baby plate, apple box set, spring clamps, etc.

(508) 901-1339 jgarrett79@gmail.com